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The difference between obsessive survival structures to manage life and feel safe. To having life with meaning purpose, passion and calling.

How do we find life to be stimulating and full of meaning?

How do we find work not being just a job but a passion?

These are big existential questions that often mull around people’s minds as a consistent hummmm.

If goals fire you up rather then fill you with fear you’re are more likely to succeed and find happiness through life and work.

If your passions then reflects the qualities that you like about yourself. This then compliments your life and is associated with the harmonious energy, often linked to success. Often positive outcomes have vitality as an energy. This then positively impacts performance and mood.

With this don’t leave life in languish but participate and engage. To engage does not mean a complete over-hall but can be about bite size pieces while you make changes.

I like looking at people’s gritty edges or bits. Its not about perfection but different characters and often the gritty bits have the edge. This is because its often a persistent energy even with ups and downs.

This perseverance is often associated with passion and purpose.

The negative energy often associated with obsessive control is not necessarily healthy perseverance. The problem with obsessive control is that it can look like being persistent. However, it can then end up being an experience of mere drudgery.

If you are finding life lacking in passion and purpose?

Through quiet contemplation you can explore different pursuits. Its positive to expose yourself to different challenges. There is an energising effort when projects are chosen with freedom rather then constraint.

Freedom rather then constrain is representative of life having a certain sense of progress.

Attributed reading is research literature by the Canadian Psychologist Robert Vallerand.

Here a significant distinction was made between having a harmonious passion and health and happiness.

There is a big distinction between obsessive survival structures to manage life and feel safe.

To having life with meaning, purpose, passion and even a calling.

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