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THE Silent Female Scream

By Rosejke Hasseldine

The sense making this book gave me about my own journey was revolutionary. Coming from a background where women were very cliché scripted into certain roles.

The Silent Female Scream by Rosjke Hasseldine
The Silent Female Scream

This book helps with powerful identification of messages and energy that we have carried for many generations and may not even be aware.

GoodReads say:

""The Silent Female Scream" teaches "how to believe that as a woman you have the right to be heard, valued and respected, and to know that anything less is just not okay." Through case studies and discussion, the author exposes that women's sense of self-worth and entitlement to speak their needs, especially in relationships, is an area that feminism has ignored to its peril. By looking at the legacy of emotional silence that many women have inherited from long before grandmother's day, she warns that emotional silence damages the mother-daughter relationship, women's relationships with themselves and each other, and their equality and visibility. Using key questions, the author guides the reader to wake-up to her own learned silence and teaches a language of entitlement and visibility that has until now been missing for women."

I think: what have you got to loose in reading this book. The gaining of reading the book is the courage of honesty and how ones own journey can connect many others.

This book is inspiring to any individual as we can see true pioneering work and how one can be passionately driven to open doors, challenge beliefs and facilitate change.

I would like to add that I was acutely aware that this transition will take time. That having patience and tolerance while others learn how females want, welcome and have a voice for change does take getting used to. This is because so much is unconscious.

Therefore, the males in our lives whether grandfathers, fathers, brothers, partners and friends deserve some compassion for what is happening to all those roles and cliches that are shifting.

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