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Selfies and selfing

How selfies and selfing, both capture the human in its current form, and therefore both represent the inevitable change.

In my work the idea of selfing is seeing the human being in a constant state of flux in relation to the environment. I guess the selfies that people take are also capturing in picture form the constant process of the ever changing dynamic of life, whether it is the same pose but with different people or places, or at different moments of time with experiences.

Over the last two years I have observed how human beings do adjust creatively to different experiences of life. The events of these years have subjected our present to life changes and readjustments. They have also created a history that has inevitably affected the basis of our lives.

This means our foundations, our soil, our roots, our beliefs and values. This then impacts upon these things in our lives because our perceptions and interpretations change their form because in turn they are now affected by the changed surroundings. In a nutshell, we are all inevitably impacted by the experiences we have had.

The result for all of us is that with or without knowing it, we have creatively adjusted and our new life is resettling with the adjustments in place. In our minds we are creating further character parts and adding to our profiles. We are selfing through this constant flow which further informs and impacts on our characters.

The taking of selfies has become almost the norm to many for capturing the self at points in time with different experiences. It has its own visual timeline for recording of memories that are shared with others. I see that people are becoming aware on some level, that life is actually a transient reality, so that visual record keeping has become more important in its representation.

It demonstrates to me that nothing is as enduring as change. One way or another, this will happen no matter how much what we may think we are in charge of events.

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