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Getting back to life

Stress and anxiety are understandable feelings to experience as we 'get back to normal life'. Being aware of your tolerance, and rationalising, may make this process easier for you.

I have really noticed the stress and anxiety as people get back to normal life.

The important thing is to be aware of your stress and tolerance levels and “just do your best”.

It is important to be aware of your own tolerance zone. This is where you can still effectively function, be rational and responsive.

Do not get into the toxicity of thinking negatively that you are not able to return to normal life effectively.

“Just Do Your Best”.

Be Aware.

Talk about it.

Delegate if you need to.

Let us rationalise the last year or so and then perhaps we can normalize feelings.

The times have been challenging. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges has been to avoid over-adaption to a form of hibernation or shutting down. People have found ways to survive this period emotionally. Therefore, getting back to life again after a prolonged period is bound to impact on internal safety. It is so important to re-assure yourself that this is normal.

This is a theme for many people. No-one is alone in this experience. Just notice your emotions but do not react to them or feed them negatively. This can improve emotional regulation.

Notice your breathing.

Observe your thoughts.

Identify what you need in that moment.

There is a lot of stuff about mental health within the media and organisations. Thus you can learn more or reach out if you feel a need.

Take a wider view that going back to life can be emotionally triggering after a prolonged period of staying in and not doing the things that you are used to. This transition to what is normal inevitably takes time.

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