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The internal discipline we all have if we choose to nurture out innate capacity.

It’s been really interesting to see how people have not always trusted in themselves so that they can cope with returning to more normal life and work. It is as if they have rebelled against the disciplines that they innately have inside them. This is because confidence has been impacted hugely and fears have set in.

It’s a hugely persuasive idea that success in life requires discipline. My view is that the discipline we have in taking actions and following our beliefs creates beneficial life habits. However, we never really look at what this means in the different contexts we inhabit.

I believe that we all have this internal discipline if we choose to nurture out innate capacity. Then this energy helps us get back into the habit of doing life, whatever, that means to each and all of us.

Our success in life is about doing the right thing and not just about doing everything right. When you do the right thing, it can liberate you from having to monitor everything.

For now it is about being patient and kind to others. This means recognising that some people may struggle. So be mindful of respecting space and considerations of health.

I know what discipline I have to follow in going back to life. That being compassionate provides the discipline and energy that will feed my integrity while I navigate through.

The pay-off for this can be simplification and clarity.

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