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Letting reaction dictatorship and stress lead you.

If we are constantly reacting to situations, people and ourselves, then we are in a state of hyper- arousal and stress.

This is what I see as a “reaction dictatorship”.

Its powerful because the dictatorship of reaction includes many elements from thinking, beliefs, feelings and behaviours. This combination gives response to negativity which is causal in raising stress and emotional disorder.


Its always better to be pro-active in how we respond to situations.

Our conscious values can be “acted out” or “acted upon”.

Acted upon is where we subordinate feelings to align with our actions and values. For example, if I find kindness valuable I will act accordingly to this. Its no good thinking a value unless our actions support this value.

“Acting Out” is where the reaction is the dictator. For example, I believe in kindness but I can’t be bothered today because I am tired due to a full on weekend. Therefore, I am grumpy and miserable and everyone around me will have some of my prickly energy.

Its useful to be aware of what can be influenced productively and what can’t. This then gives us the wisdom of what we need to let go of and where we can have positive impact. This allows the important choices of where we put our energy. We can then manage our overload and not feel resentful at giving something time and energy when it is futile. We always feel better if we are preserving with something that is worthwhile rather then a waste of time.

Its good to practise mindfulness and meditation in a ever pressuring world. This helps with being able to respond calmly and lightly instead of emotional turbulence.

Its important to remember that we can generate alternative choices through awareness. Therefore, control feelings, be more effective and be appropriate in our responses.


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