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Architect of myself

Personal progression is exactly that, ultimately down to you.

“I am the architect of myself” by Carl Rogers.

These are some tips used for emotional wellbeing from “The Mental Health Handbook from T Powell.

Take Responsibility.

You are responsible for your own life and everything in it, including your own happiness. There is no point in blaming others, society or life events. Talking about difficult issues is not the same as blaming them.

Be Flexible in Your Thinking

Beware of absolutist, all or nothing, black and white, rigid thinking with an over-emphasis on the words, should , ought, must, cant or wont. Loosen up your thinking, look at alternative views, avoid perfectionism.

Confront Rather Than Avoid Difficulties and Frustrations.

Treat problems as challenges, as useful in helping you to build up a tolerance and experience. Expect change and challenges and for life to be unfair at times.

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