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What is being real?

In this social media driven world we are influenced by all angles, but there are things we can do to connect back to our true self.

In contemporary society there is too much pressure put on people by social media and fashion images. Regularly and more frequently, I am seeing a loss of identity because in order to feel okay people have become dependent on something outside of themselves. Their self-esteem is becoming dependent on a catalogue of the things with which social media are bombarding people, so that they hold idealised and unreal views. These might involve having a perfect relationship, a perfect time or a perfect image.

Often this can mean being out of touch with your real self, your needs, desires and feelings. Because of what they are constantly plugged into, people have become so unaware of what really matters to them. So life becomes an act or performance, governed by their media exposure.

The result of too much of this social media influence is that humans have developed adaptation strategies to cope with the stress of expectations. We are not intended by nature to be continually connected to message after message. A temporary state of these sorts of stimuli is okay, but a constant connection creates chronic stress that erodes self-esteem and wholesome identity.

As an antidote there has been a rise in the uptake of training in life skills which invites people to connect with themselves.

Also mindfulness and meditation skills that invite individuals to be more present have become more popular.

Get a perspective on life and what really matters by having a reality check.

Make sure that different parts of the self are fulfilled from friendship, work, leisure and passionate pursuits.

Realise the importance of putting limiting boundaries on one’s social media consumption.

These strategies can help you to discern what is your real self and what belongs elsewhere.

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